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The newest work by Cody Kiser examines the viewers response to everyday items, presented in unfamiliar forms. Cody explores the irrational fears of consumers, thwarted by language and cultural barriers in his vibrant and repetitive paintings. Cody paints mundane situations as a statement on those barriers. Shelves stocked for the consumers needs, showcasing products that are familiar yet foreign. The results are colorful interior landscapes, abstracted by form and light in a setting the viewer may not recognize.

Cody Kiser is a self-taught artist from the Midwest with a strong discipline in large-scale oil painting. His works are based in the school of traditional abstraction with a focus on realistic forms. Cody explores non-traditional stores and cultural venues through photographic documentation, and then brings his research back to the studio where he dissects these images, beginning the process with black canvases.

Cody has shown his work in three museum showcases in three different states, extensively in the Twin Cities, and has participated in many local events in the last 10 years.


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